Welcome to the Suntuity Group 

The Suntuity Group of companies is a conglomerate of global renewable energy, finance, technology and UAV service companies that develop, build and managed hundreds of megawatts of energy projects across the globe. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey, the Suntuity Group currently operates in 8 countries and 17 US states.

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Suntuity Power Logo
Suntuity Renewables

The residential solar division of Suntuity with operations in NJ, PA, MD, FL, SC, RI, MA & IL.

The UAV and drone services division of the Suntuity Group of companies.

Home and commercial water filtration systems.

Suntuity Sourcing

Suntuity’s global sourcing division.

Suntuity Foundation

Suntuity’s nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing electricity and clean water to those in need.

Suntuity University

Suntuity’s comprehensive drone and solar academy training program.

Suntuity Home

Suntuity’s residential construction, renovation and home automation division.

Suntuity Network

Suntuity’s global financing division.

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